Heliabrine Post Depilatory cream

HELIABRINE Post Depilatory Gel: This is a multipurpose cream which not only relieves the pain after hair removal, but also reduces inflammation, and rejuvenates the skin. Contains a patented ingredient, Capislow® which slows hair re-growth. Instantly relieves the pain after hair removal. Prevents redness and skin imperfections like ingrown hair. Capislow ® retards hair re-growth.

Active Ingredients
Capislow® – Retards hair growth
Allantoïn – Anti-inflammatory and soothes
Chamomile – Soothing/ calming/anti-inflammatory
Cornflower – Soothes/ reduces inflammation/ tones
Calendula – Soothing/ anti-inflammatory/ antiseptic
St. John’s Wort – Soothes
Lime Blossom – Soothes
D-panthenol – Moisturizes and nourishes

150ml Retail